About Ndio

Design-based collaborative Ndio was formed in 2003 by experts who had trained and taught at the Harrington College of Design and spent over 15 years in the traditional custom exhibit and corporate architectural environments. Its founder is known within the industry as an authority on working effectively and an expert on sourcing people, materials, and innovative fabrication means. Coming from this background, Ndio speaks the language of design and translates its clients' needs into dimensional reality.

Ndio understands the various skilled trades necessary to compose a designed environment—whether it be woodwork, millwork, metalwork, electronic work, acrylic work, graphics, custom wallcoverings, crating, or storage—and is proud of its long history of synergy with accomplished specialists in these fields. It approaches each project by formulating the perfect collaborative of such individuals who together integrate creativity with fabrication. At Ndio, the search for forward-thinking solutions is both continuous and fun.

Ndio is a business built on trust, responsibility, truth, and creativity, where nothing matters more than customer satisfaction.

Over many years, Ndio has successfully delivered showroom installations at NeoCon with tight budgets and time constraints. Jim and his team have a unique ability to listen carefully, interpret our design intent, and explore alternative solutions to meet our goals—-ultimately resulting in the realization of our ‘big ideas’ for our clients.
— Eva Maddox, Perkins+Will